Playing a Sound through Android App

Hi All,
I am new to FMOD and Adaptive Audio.
I am trying to build a custom Mobile App through which i would like to play an audio.
As a first step i am trying to find if there are any examples on how to achieve the same using FMOD.
As a next step, i would like to make the audio adaptive (Modifying the sound decibel low to high or vice versa) automated based on input.


We have a number of example projects available in our API download:

As for adaptive audio, this can be broken down into two parts.
The first is to create the event in Studio, we have a few videos on this topic here.
The other is controlling the event from the game. One of our examples (event_parameter) shows how you can set parameter values on an event from your game.

Thank you Cameron.

Regarding the adaptive audio, i have a .mp3 file duration of 3 minutes and i would like to change the volume of audio file dynamically during the course of play.
For example:
Once audio play has started, somewhere around 10 seconds, i would like to increase the volume and again later decrease/increase the volume till the end.

Can you let me know how to achieve the same using FMOD API’s without using studio’s.

An example on same would be highly appreciated.

There are a few ways you could go about this, the first couple that come to mind are: