Where are the music docs?

I can’t find any docs on how to author music in FMOD Studio. Where are they? Or how do I find out how to take my chopped up music tracks into FMOD Studio and arrange them into an adaptive music system?

You want the Authoring Events chapter of the FMOD Studio User Guide. FMOD Studio draws no distinction between music and sound effects. All the tools you’d use to design adaptive sound effects can be brought to bear when designing adaptive music, and vice versa.

The “examples.fspro” project that comes with FMOD Studio demonstrates a few popular ways of building adaptive music: The “music/Level 01” and “music/Level 03” events both use logic markers in order to control which parts of synchronous instruments are overlapped by the timeline playback position, the “music/Level 02” event uses automation to adjust the audibility of multiple simultaneous synchronous stems, and the “music/Radio Station” event uses a parameter to control which of several different asynchronous instruments plays. These are many other ways to create adaptive music, however; it’s possible, for example, to create a multi instrument containing other nested multi instruments that plays through a sequence of other multi instruments, selecting and playing one random file from each nested multi instrument’s playlist in the sequence.

Thank you! I also found Sally’s video tutorials on adaptive music.