Playing two sounds at same time?


I have an ambience/music that I want to play all the time in the background. I’ve added this as a studio event emitter.

I also have a narrator voice that I’d like to play at specific instances. But when I play the narrator track the ambience sounds bad. How do I set this up sp that they don’t interfear with eachother?

Can you please explain how it sounds bad or how they interfere with each other?

I’m assuming that the ambience and narration are both at the same volume and are fighting each other for audio space. What you should look into is using either snapshots or sidechaining so that when the narration event(s) start, it will lower the volume of the ambience. Both of these are done at a group bus level. Look at the Examples project’s mixing deck between the VO group bus and the music group bus for an example of sidechaining.

Hi again,

That could be it and I did try to add a compressor but it had no effect. I think I’ve figured out why now, though.

I’m using a spacializer from Resonance Audio since I’m doing an application for VR. The compressor doesn’t seem to work with resonance audio (it only works with fmods standard spazcializer)


The Resonance Audio and FMOD Object spatializers both bypass any group buses the events they are in are routed into. So the sidechaining won’t work as expected between group buses like that.

With the Resonance Audio solution you can place the Resonance Audio Listener onto a group bus rather than the master bus, then anything further down the signal chain can be used for sidechaining (assuming the ambience is 2D and doesn’t need spatializing).

However, it’s sounding more like snapshots are more the way to go. For this kind of scenario it would be good to have some game code that creates one instance of the snapshot and plays it for as long as the narration event is playing, whilst making sure only one snapshot event instance is playing.