Audio is playing through multiple group buses simultaneously

Hi, I’m the sound guy on a VR-Game development and I am using the Resonance audio plug-in in this project.
I’ve stumbled upon a problem when setting up a Mixer.
As instructed, I’m placing the Resonance audio listener on each group, to be able to control them individually, rather than placing a single listener on the master bus, which won’t give me that flexibility (as far as I understand).

So, to the problem: If I’ve been listening to other sound events, the audio is playing through two groups simultaneously. And that creates some sort of distortion, which I belive is connected to the listener. However, I am not sure whether the listener is causing the issue of playing it through different groups buses at once, but it is the source of the distorted sound.
If I just mute and unmute the group mixer where the audio is not suppose to go through, it jumps to another group, and continues to do so until all other groups has been delt with (there is a connection with which events that has been played previously), then it works fine…in Fmod. Until I listen to another sound event that is, then it reappears.

When I’m trying to build a project from Unity and trying out the experience in the Oculus Quest, the problem is present with every build.

Short clip to describe the problem

I don’t believe the instructions are very clear, but it’s saying that if you want spatialized and non-spatialized sounds in your game, then you should not place the listener on the master bus.

Instead, have all group buses/event routed into one “Spatialized” bus with the Resonance listener on it, and another group bus for all non-spatialized buses/events.

With Resonance and other such spatializers, they don’t route sound in the conventional way but instead go directly to the listener. If there’s more than one listener then it will route the sound to both listeners, causing the phasing and distortion you’re hearing.

I’m not sure, but think that is the same setup that I have now, only it would be fewer groups and named differently.
The problem is that if one sound event is played, it routes, not only to the bus it is ment to route to, it routes to other buses as well. As you can see in the linked videoclip, the sound event playing is jumping between different buses, buses I never routed the event to.