Plugin path in manual doesn't exist

Hi i am using the latest FMOD 2.02. and the manual states: Any plugin files required should be added to the FMODStudio/Binaries/Platform/ directory.

Please also view the screenshot showing my .txt, location of plugin folder and the plugin im trying to get to work with FMOD. Its called Sonos.

Sadly after much effort i gave up as FMOD simple doesn’t list the plugin, even after a restart! Any help appreciated. Thanks


From the looks of it, Sonobus is its own separate plugin and not a plugin for FMOD Studio. You will need to add this plugin to the Unreal Engine plugins folder and use it from there. We haven’t tested using FMOD Studio with Sonobus so you will likely need to contact their support if you run into any issues.

Thanks for that… so where does one find plugins for FMOD or are these special case scenarios for devs? I was hoping to use a synth and tweak parameters at runtime. So i guess this is not possible. Thanks anyway.

There are a few plugins commercially available for FMOD - AudioGaming create the AudioMotors and AudioWeather plugins, and McDSP make the M1 Limiter - but it is also used a lot for custom built plugins. You can read up on how to create plugins in our documentation: