Can't open C++ Projects with Unreal 5 and FMODStudio 2.02.07

Can’t open any C++ projects or even start a blank new project. It gives the error attached if the FMODStudio plugin is located in the Engines/Plugins folder. Everything works fine if you have the plugins folder in your Project/Plugins folder or if you are using a Blueprints only project.

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Thanks for the report, I’ve reproduced that here and we’re investigating a solution. For now, can you put it in your Project/Plugins folder?

Do you have any other plugins in your Engine/Plugins folder that don’t have this problem?

No. FMOD is the only plugin that is being used that is not part of a standard Unreal install.

Thanks for the info. Still investigating the issue on this end. Best thing I can suggest right now is to put FMOD in Project/Plugins. Hopefully that will unblock you for the time being.