Can't open C++ Projects with Unreal 5 and FMODStudio 2.02.07

Can’t open any C++ projects or even start a blank new project. It gives the error attached if the FMODStudio plugin is located in the Engines/Plugins folder. Everything works fine if you have the plugins folder in your Project/Plugins folder or if you are using a Blueprints only project.

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Thanks for the report, I’ve reproduced that here and we’re investigating a solution. For now, can you put it in your Project/Plugins folder?

Do you have any other plugins in your Engine/Plugins folder that don’t have this problem?

No. FMOD is the only plugin that is being used that is not part of a standard Unreal install.

Thanks for the info. Still investigating the issue on this end. Best thing I can suggest right now is to put FMOD in Project/Plugins. Hopefully that will unblock you for the time being.

Any update on this? I would like to have the plugin in the Engine’s plugin folder for 2 reasons.

  1. So I don’t have to compile the FMOD plugin every time I do a full recompile.
  2. My project folder is on the repo and I don’t want to have to manage the plugins binaries as well.

This appears to be a UE5 issue so the ball is in Epic’s court at the moment. We’ve reported it to them but no fix has been made yet.

Do you know if this issue has been fixed in 5.1 or has Epic gotten back to you guys and plan on fixing it in future versions of UE5?

I figured it out: To install FMOD to the engine instead of the project folder, you need to create a Marketplace folder within Plugins and put the FMODStudio plugin folder in there. It should read something like

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\FMODStudio

Apparently Unreal 5 is looking for 3rd Party Engine plugins in the Marketplace folder instead of the Plugins folder.

FMOD Team, you should update your installation instructions to reflect this. I’ve spent months off and on working on this. And after all that, all I needed to do in the end was create one folder. If you don’t mind, I’m going to create a new forum post so more people can see this.