Popping sound on MIDI notes with custom DLS

I just migrated from FMOD Ex to FMOD Studio’s low level API (which was a super easy process, thanks for keeping the API so similar).

My project uses generated MIDI files with a custom DLS (for a consistent sound on all platforms). Since migrating to FMOD Studio, there is a pop at the start of many notes. (For what it’s worth, I don’t hear this popping when I use the default Windows DLS; but my DLS worked fine before, in FMOD Ex, so I’m not convinced there’s anything wrong with it.)

I’m attaching a zip file with two versions of a test app to demonstrate the difference between FMOD Ex and FMOD Studio in this regard.

I just found that some other pops in my game (not related to MIDI files) were caused by Channel’s setVolumeRamp defaulting to true, which is a new (and in my case, undesired) behavior since FMOD Ex.

I’m completely guessing here, but I wonder if this is related. The popping on the MIDI note attack could be due to ramping down the volume from 1.0 to the target velocity, when I want it to be immediately slammed to the target value?

Just checking if I could get a response and see if this is something that is likely to be investigated and fixed this year. If not, I’ll have to revert to FMOD Ex, because the described behavior makes my game unshippable.


Hi - Apologies for this, i’ll investigate this ASAP