Possible bugs found

BUG 1: when called from a parent event, an instrument within the child event using [Trigger Behavior/Delay & Quantization/Tempo synced] seems to sync to the parent event tempo event instead of the child event (which would make more sense, since it’s the place where the Trigger Behavior is configured).

BUG 2: when copy/pasting an instrument in a timeline (when there’s also an action sheet available), sometimes pasting doesn’t seem to do anything, however it pastes the element… in the action sheet (which isn’t displayed at the moment)! I’m not exactly sure how to reproduce the bug. By pasting multiple times in a row, you should be able to reproduce.

Bug 1 is working as intended. Without getting too technical, the way it works is essentially whatever happens within the event instrument simply becomes “output”, just like a single or multi instrument. The event instrument therefore has to follow the rules of the parent event it resides in.

Bug 2 is definitely a bug that I’ve been able to replicate on our machines. I’ve raised a bug report and we’ll take a look into it for a future release. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.