Copy & Pasting Instruments Between Event Tabs

Very minor quirk I seem to have bumped into, but I keep running into it so wanted to flag it here.

I’ve got two Event Tabs open. Event A and Event B. Both events include an Action Sheet and I want to copy and paste a Multi Instrument from Event A to Event B.

I can copy the Multi Instrument from Event A, but when I navigate over to Event B on the other tab, click inside the Action Sheet area and hit Ctrl+V, it’s pasted underneath the Multi Instrument back on Event Tab A.

Don’t seem to have this problem when copying and pasting instruments between events by navigating the Event browser. Just when copying and pasting between tabs.

I can manually right-click in Event B and hit Paste to get around it.

Using FMOD Studio 2.02.20

Thanks for the bug report! It looks like we’re not always updating the focus when changing tabs. I’ve added the issue to our bug tracker, so it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

In the mean time, I’m afraid the only workarounds are the ones you’ve already discovered: Avoiding tabs and using the mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts.