Prevent FMOD .banks from being used unwantedly


I´m using FMOD Studio to create engine sounds for cars in a racinggame as modifications. This is all supported by the developers as they offer an FMOD Studio sdk to mess around with and create your own sounds for either the original cars, or additionaly added mod cars. As the banks and bank ID´s are easily accessible, this is where it gets problematic as an original creator. Anyone can just take my bank, for instance, rename it to, do the same with the bank ID´s in the GUIDs.txt, and use this exact sound on their own modification/ cars. I´ve experienced that my sounds have been stolen and sold by other users, and I somewhat want to prevent that in the future. I know very little about the actual FMOD and bank structure, but is there a way to prevent this? Can I somehow define the name within the bank, so it can´t be changed?

Thanks in advance.