Problem creating subgroups

Hi, I’m getting the message “[FMOD] assert : assertion: ‘realInstance’ failed” in my development console after trying to place my events in a subgroup.

I have a group called “SFX” and everything plays normally, but if I add a group within that, I get the above error message.

What I’m basically trying to do is have submixes where one group of sounds will duck another. I got this to work by sidechaining a compressor from one mix to another, but then I started getting errors. Is this to do with how the developer is calling events, or is the error on my side (within FMOD)? Thanks!

The “[FMOD] assert : assertion: ‘realInstance’ failed” message indicates something has gone wrong while attempting to interact with an event instance. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which event instances are interacted with, so we need more information about the circumstances to know why it’s happening to you.

It would be best to have your game’s audio programmer investigate.