Events routed to custom mixer groups not playing

I’m making a mod for Celeste that includes custom audio, so I have to use FMOD Studio version 1.10.00 so the Celeste fmod project functions properly. I’m making a playable piano, and wanted to group together the piano keys in a single group in the mixer so I could add and remove effects easily.

The path to the group in the mixer is:

I’m putting the group in yes_pause so the sounds pause if the game ever gets paused.
For some reason, though, they never play in game if I put them in a group.
If I start live update, then they play, so it’s not the path that’s wrong. Any idea what could be causing this?

Edit: I have also tested this after rebuilding my bank and exporting the gui, as well as restarting the game multiple times.


Are there any logs that you can share when trying to play the events without live update connected?

hi, sorry for the late reply. I’m unsure how to find the logs for fmod here


If you can find where the FMOD system is being initialized and call Debug_Initialize and use the flag FMOD_DEBUG_TYPE_FILE which will write the logs to a file which you can then upload here.

Hi, I don’t think I can call Debug_Initialize on the version of fmod Celeste uses, and I don’t know if I can even get to where Celeste is initializing fmod to do that in the first place


I see, unfortunately without more information or the ability to reproduce the issue I am unable to assist further.