problem when using Snapshot

Hi there and thanks for your time to read this.I got this question when using FMOD Studio

I thought the effect added within Snapshot only works when Snapshot is triggered.but when I added Lowpass to a event group within the Snapshot,the lowpass effect has a direct effect on the group without Snapshot being triggered.So I wonder what else I need to do to get the event group stay unchanged until the Snapshot is triggered with lowpass to it.

hope to get your reply soon.Thanks a lot.


Snapshots don’t yet support adding or removing effects from signal chains. However, they do allow you to assign different values to the properties of those effects - meaning that you should set the cutoff property of your Lowpass effect to the maximum kHz value normally, and assign it a much lower value in the snapshot, you will be able to “bring in” the Lowpass effect when the snapshot is triggered.

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