Problem with Google Play published game

Hello, I’m having trouble with FMOD-Unity-Google Play. I finished a small game in Unity for Android with adaptive music made with FMOD. I export the .apk to various phones and everything works right. But I uploaded the same .apk and an .aab bundle to Google Console, opened up an Alfa test, and when I install any of the 2 versions from Google Play on my phones, the timing of the different loops I use for the music becomes nuts. Some of them start late, the music has a delay of about 1 second before it starts playing, it’s a mess with the timing of every loop I used to build the music. Its awfull. I don’t understand why, can anyone help me with this?

Mobile devices, Android in particular, can use a wide variety of hardware. This goes for audio as well. Some devices can have a hard time playing audio that other devices can handle easily.

There is some information in our docs about latency that may help: