Perforce and FMOD Integration for beginners

Hi everyone,

So I’m pretty new with FMOD and learning the ins and outs of it all. Im part of a small audio team of 2 people working on a game with Unreal. We do know Perforce is the tool we need to use to work on the same FMOD project but having trouble get it started. Noob question for sure, but Is there some sort of tutorial explaining how to link Perforce and FMOD? I’ve tried looking on the Perforce website but it gets confusing (especially for audio people since we aren’t coders). I’ve downloaded and installed the P4V and Helix Core and have uploaded the project, but I don’t see anything on how connect other people to my depot. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

If you are trying to use Perforce with the actual FMOD Studio project then you can take a look into our Source Control documentation on how to set this up:

If the Unreal Engine 4 project is being used with Perforce too, then the built banks should be included in the UE4 repository.

Bumping an old post but I’ve got similar question! :slight_smile:

I was working on a FMOD project using Perforce and everything worked just fine but my team had grown to 2.

We’ve encountered a problem, that only one of us can build banks to see new events in UE (which we are working with), because when building even one of our banks Perforce always checks out Master Bank and it leaves it unwritable to the other person… How is this supposed to work?

Documentation unfortunately says nothing about this, but maybe I am missing something here or just trying a wrong workflow?

It would be best to set the FMOD Studio Perforce settings to not include the built banks. This way it won’t check out and lock the Master bus when built. Then you will need to manually sync the latest changes from both users and check in the built banks from this latest version. You could also create a script to automatically do this if needed.