Issue when FMod is hosted by different Source Control than Game

Hi, we’ve been seeing an issue for a while. We have FMOD hosted in perforce, and our UE4 project hosted in Github. We can set the build output directory (via UE4 validate fmod) and this works just fine, but when we try to commit changes to perforce, we get the following error:

13:12:24 runP4: error running command: -z tag -r0 -vnet.maxwait=10 -p ip:port -C none -u myusn -P mypwd -c myworkspace edit
13:12:24 runP4: Path ‘’ is not under client’s root ‘pathtofmod’.

I just noticed in the log that we’re spamming this error for pretty much every bank in the project when we build too (not just when we commit changes).

For committing, the work-around has been to first remove the build path, then commit.

I don’t quite understand why the build-path of FMOD should affect perforce’s path is not under client’s root error?

The error is saying that the built banks folder is not currently in the Perforce workspace’s root folder. You need to ensure that the built bank folder is currently in the same workspace, can you check that you can see this folder in P4V Helix? And that the folder’s contents are currently in the depot (it will have a green dot next to the file in the workspace browser)?

Our built bank target directory is not in the Perforce path by design, since we manage our Unreal changes with Git. For now the workaround is to build FMod to a local folder within the Perforce directory and manually copy it over to our Unreal directory. I just don’t understand why FMod needs to have this opinion on where I can and can not build my banks?

Can you check your Source Control settings in Studio?
If you are versioning the built banks with Git then ensure “Enable source control integration for built banks” is disabled.

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Ah, now there’s a little checkbox I had not noticed before! Thank you :sweat_smile: