Problem with plugins in UE 4.15.1

I seem to be too dumb to figure out how the plugins should work in UE 4. I’ve tried to use both Oculus Spatializer and GVRaudio, but haven’t got them to work. I’ve followed the tutorials and everything should be set correctly, yet when I try to preview the project with my Vive the events using these plugins are not working (when using Oculus Spatializer I get no sound at all, with the GVR the sound plays but with no spatial effect). I’ll add some screenshots that should show everything is where it should be. Any help will be appreciated!

Screenshot album

The docs can be a little confusing without seeing it in action.

The source needs to be on the master of the event.

And the listener needs to be in the mixer, generally on a bus.

Here is a guide from Google in case you haven’t seen this one yet:

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Oh, that was it! Thank you so much, you saved my ass! I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to the guides. Anyway, it works now and I’m eternaly grateful to you!