Problem with UE4 source + FMOD

Hello, I’m trying to run Unreal Engine 4 with the source version with FMOD but when I open the project, an error window opens with this: The Following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: FMODStudio, FMODStudio Editor.
So, I can’t open the project with FMOD enabled

Where I can download an FMOD version compatible with UE4 source?

  • Which version of Unreal Engine 4 are you using?
  • Which version of the FMOD engine are you using?
  • Which version of our the Unreal Engine integration are you using, and which version of Unreal Engine 4 is it built for?

Finally I have been able to fix the error, which was caused because the UE4 version was not correct. Using the correct branch and FMOD version 4.26, it was able to work fine after doing a Build with the engine.