What's the latest stable Unreal Engine build for FMOD?

I recent tried the FMOD with some later Unreal Engine builds (4.25.1 and 4.25.3) and I’m getting a whole host of errors - banks aren’t created, FMOD was made for a different engine and needs to be rebuilt, etc etc.

Appreciate anyone who can answer the title of this thread, thanks. I’m really just wanting the latest engine build where I can pick up and play FMOD without worrying about these errors.

Please make sure when you download the FMOD for UE4 integration you are getting the correct version of UE4. Note 4.25 and 4.25+ are two separate incompatible branches of UE4. We are working to make this clearer on the website as many people are unaware of 4.25+ and mistakenly use it with 4.25. Perhaps this is your issue?

I made this statement in a different thread. I’m using an incremental update of UE4.25, and am also using the 4.25+ integration. It does’t work for me either on PC or Mac.

To the OP -

My earlier integrations all work. I was never able to get FMOD to work properly with any version of 4.25 vanilla or “+” using the recommended integrations.