UE4 integration teammate Error

I’ve successfully implemented FMOD 2.00.10 into UE22.3. My teammates across GIT get an error attempting to launch the UE editor, reading, “The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version. Fmod Studio, FmodStudioEditor.” The error stops the engine from launching.
All parties are running with UE 22.3.
I have no problems, and have pushed everything to the teammate.
I have tried re-integration, and validation. Please Help!

What versions of the FMOD UE4 integration do your teammates have installed? Does it differ from yours?

The integration package is placed withing the UE project directory /plugins folder. My teammates have an identical copy. Is this what you’re asking? Thank you!

Can you verify that the version of the FMOD UE4 integration that your teammates have is the exact same version that you are using? I ask because the error message you are seeing indicates a version incompatibility - and if you are able to open the project while they can’t, there must be some difference between your machine and theirs.