Problems with linking, Windows (MinGW, Cygwin gcc, Clang)

I know this will probably a rather dumb question, but after two days of trying, i thought i would ask anyway. I’m quite new to C++ so I think there will be a very simple solution to this.

When I try to compile the examples in the low level api section on the command line I get always ‘undefined reference’ errors for the FMOD stuff. I know there must be a problem with the libraries.

Here is my makefile:

CFLAGS = -m64 -c -Wall -g --std=c++11
LFLAGS = -m64 -g -Wl,-rpath=../lib


LIBS = -lfmod64 -lfmodL64 -lfmod64_vc -lfmodL64_vc

all:	generate_tone.o common.o common_platform.o
	g++ $(LFLAGS) $(INCLUDE_PATH) $(LIBRARY_PATH) generate_tone.o common.o common_platform.o -o generate.exe ../lib/libfmod.a ../lib/libfmodL.a $(LIBS)  

common.o:	common.cpp common.h
	g++ $(CFLAGS)  $(INCLUDE_PATH) common.cpp -o common.o

common_platform.o:	common_platform.cpp common_platform.h 
	g++ $(CFLAGS)  $(INCLUDE_PATH) common_platform.cpp -o common_platform.o

generate_tone.o:	generate_tone.cpp
	g++ $(CFLAGS) $(INCLUDE_PATH) generate_tone.cpp  -o generate_tone.o

Perhaps somebody can help.