Problems with Unity

Hi all,

I downloaded the last version of FMOD and, when i try to import it to my project, i can only select a few folders instead of all files.

I don´t know if this has to do with an errors that i´m being repeatidely returned:

"The name ‘FMODUnity’ does not exist in the current context. "
“FMOD Studio: Encountered Error: ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND The requested event, bus or vca could not be found.”
“FMOD Studio: Encountered Error: ERR_INVALID_HANDLE An invalid object handle was used.”

I guess i´m doing something wrong but i don´t know what.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, could I please grab a bit more info?
What version of Unity are you running? Have you recently updated from a previous version of FMOD?
I suggest you try removing the FMOD integration from your project and reimporting it fresh. To do this, close your Unity project, delete the FMOD directory in “(Your project name)\Assets\Plugins”, redownload the FMOD unity Integration and reimport it into your project.
Please let me know if you are still running into issues after that.