Unity FMOD Integration help

Hello, my team is creating a game and we are experiencing difficulties with fmod.
Essentially we have a different version of fmod installed that works but the toolbar doesnt show up on our project. However we are tring to get rid of that version of fmod and switch to the newest available version. We have tried deleting every fmod file and even the sounds themselves, but nothing seems to be working. We do not have the FMOD toolbar upon importing the integration.
We checked with a blank project and the Unity version and the FMOD integration work together fine there. We have looked at other solutions such as trying to delete these .dll files but that did not work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Delete the DLL files and everything FMOD related while the editor is closed, since they are locked by the editor. Try to re-import the integration packages after that : )

Hi alexzzen, we tried both ways and it still didn’t work :frowning: Is there anything else that might be causing the problem?? Thank you so much though for helping!

That’s weird! The only time this happened to me is when I had some errors in other scripts and they were not compiling properly, so FMOD wouldn’t show up until I fixed these issues. Are you sure your project is free from errors? Does anything in the console show up?

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Oh that might be our problem! We are gonna try a few different things and see what works. Thank you for the help!!! :smiley: