Procedural audio, scatters and voice count


I’ve played around with some procedural audio ala Andy Farnell but without Pure Data of course. The scatter instrument is great for this and I can create some reasonable results but because the design relies on the voices to be set to infinite the voice count and CPU demands are off the scale sadly. Is there a way of getting around this somehow?

Unfortunately, the increased CPU load is an inherent result of the scatterer instrument playing many voices at once. Lowering the polyphony of the instrument to a level that reduces CPU load but doesn’t detract from the desired effect is the straightforward solution.

Alternatively, creating a “scattered” audio asset in an external DAW, or recording the audio output of FMOD Studio, in place of the scatterer instrument will save on CPU since you’d only be playing a single voice. Obviously this isn’t quite as easy as it relies on an external program, especially if you want to keep your desired scatterer behavior in place, so I’ve added a note about being able to bounce a spatializer’s output down to a single asset to our feature tracker.