Programmer Sound Dialogue Delay

Hi Everyone,

I worked on a project that was finish a couple of months ago that had a lot of dialogue lines. For this I used a programmer sound and all of the sound was integrated into UE4, the problem was that when in a sequence, the characters had lipsync but the dialogue line reproduce a bit later so it looked out of sync.

The workaround for that particular problem was to isolate those sequence’s lines and make an event per line to be called in the sequence editor in UE4. My question is what could be causing this? Has it always worked that way? Maybe I did something wrong or maybe it wasn’t me because as far as I remember the event didn’t have a delay or something to delay it’s playback neither in the event or inside FMOD Studio nor in the bps inside UE4.

I’ll really appreciate the help

In 1.10.09 we implemented the use of the UE4 Media Framework clock, this allows the integration to run before and after the Engine is being ticked.

1.10.05 also had some improvements for Programmer sounds by fixing the flags used to create the sounds.

Depending on what version you were using at the time, updating to the latest may be enough to improve any delay times you experienced in the past.

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Thank you so much Cameron for the reply. I’ll check that out and see how are they working, on the other hand is there any documentation or tutorial that you recommend me to check out for this implementation with UE4 Media Framework? I’ll really appreciate the info you can provide.

There isn’t much that I can really find on it other than the API documentation.