UE4 sequencer animation and FMOD audio event sync


so I have this sequencer animation and I’m thinking of VO implementation through FMOD. I know there are audio tables and I use those, but there’s a lot of dialogue and triggering it through Data Tables in Unreal would be too cumbersome. So I thought of having one .wav file for each cutscene and that one .wav file would be triggered in the sequencer at the very start of the sequencer animation and play through it’s whole length.

My question is - what are the odds of getting a desynced audio when the cutscene triggers? FPS drop, or anything happens, the cutscene itself my trigger first and the audio second, how possible is that? Any other good way of implementing VOs with FMOD and UE4 you guys know of?

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Having one long wav file and trying to sync the real-time cutscenes up to them can be quite risky. As you mentioned, any stuttering or FPS drops could end up with the audio desyncing as it will just keep playing regardless of what is happening graphically.

Instead, it would be worth investing the time to set up the programmer instrument events to work with the UE4 sequencer properly. You can find some more information in our documentation:


Thanks a lot!

How would I go about properly setting an event with a programmer instrument inside of the sequencer? I’ve dropped the event in, but don’t really know how to put the trigger key, or the “sound name” to generate the callback.

Any ideas?

I’m not well acquainted with the UE4 sequencer, but you can add the FMODAudioComponent0 child track and then the Programmer Sound Name sub track underneath that.


You can then add a key at the point in the track and edit the property to have the value of the key.