Timeline Marker Event Tirgger Delay


It got me curious the way the callbacks work in UE4. In the project I’m working on I have some events that have timeline markers so I can start certain actions when the playback hits that marker. The thing is that when the changes are inside the event it works perfectly but when I use it to trigger another event inside UE4 there’s a delay in the playback of the new event. Is it supposed to work that way? Because event B (to name the new event) is supposed the start right away at the spot event A has the marker on.

My work around for this was to drive back half measure the marker so event B could start at a proper time, but I don’t know what which may be the issue or if it is something from the FMOD - UE4 connection, I don’t know if it is a known issue.

I’ll appreciate the info you guys can provide about it

One way to improve the startup time of events is to make sure either the Bank or Event Description have had their sample data loaded.

Also there have been some changes made to the integration in the more recent versions of 1.10 that will help reducing any delays.