Project "saves" not registering...lost entirety of project after initial "save as" ver. 1.10.06


I’m new to FMOD and working on a project for a class and just ran into this issue. I started my project and used “Save As” shortly thereafter before continuing. I made approximately 6 other saves over the course of the next 3 hours after implementing each new asset. When I finished, I made a final save and closed out the project. Before submitting this project I wanted to go over it one final time and when I opened it, everything but my assets and the created events were completely missing. I found this topic on the forum: Fmod 2.00 Project not saving!

There are some similarities though I’m working on a mac and have been saving the project and working off of an external drive. I noticed that the last time stamp for “date modified” correlates with the first save I would have made and none of the others registered. Each time I saved, the progress bar in FMOD showed up as if all was working properly. Any ideas on this? I can’t afford to do this work over again and have the same thing happen.

Thanks in advance!

File > Save As will save a copy in a new location and you will continue working on that new copied version. It’s possible you’re opening up an older version of your project which doesn’t have the latest changes.

If you click File > Open Recent, do you see any other projects that might be the one you were working on? How about if you search your Mac for the project file’s name?