Lost progress; How does it save?

Hi, long story short, I lost months’ work of progress. Probably because of my stupid ignorance. Github has done something and I find myself back to a project state around may this year. I want to know how exactly fmod saves its project since the .fspro file doesn’t seem to include much. I would like to know how exactly events, snapshots, etc. are saved, and possible ways to recover them. I have an ‘exported’ version, but I’m pretty sure that’s of no use.

For whatever strange reasons, assets are still there as far as I can tell. The only thing that is missing, or that’s not loading, either way… is the files that I guess tells fmod what kind of events exists or how they are placed. Most of the events are gone, leaving me with few events that I first created when I started the project. I’m sorry if I sound stupid, I’m not a professional and I do this for fun. That said I should’ve taken much more care to this.

The game I use it for is X-Plane, so the version is 1.08, so that’s the version I use.

If there are no way to recover, I recently moved my system from one hard drive to another. This means that I still have a working - although little older - copy of my project. I want to be 1000% sure I safely recover that in case nothing works. If there’s something fmod saves outside of a project folder, please tell me, since I don’t want to lose any further progress.

And finally, a way to prevent this from happening again. What other methods, than just Github, should I use? What does “Package Project” do… would that be useful?

I realize it’s a ton of questions, I’m sorry, I’m freaking out right now. If there’s any answers, I really really appreciate them. Thank you.

–EDIT: I found out about XML files that seem to save all those information I said it was missing. Again, long story short, my issue. My stupidity. Those are the missing files. If anyone can still give me guide to never let this happen again, please tell me, I would greatly appreciate it.

As you’ve found, the FMOD Studio project file does not contain all the information of the project. The metadata folder contains all the XML files required to properly load all events, presets, buses, etc.

For using source control such as git, you can take a look at our source control documentation to learn about which files are needed and which files are not.