Quality loss on import

Hello! I have essentially the same question as this thread: Audio File Quality Loss on Import. When I import my wav file and audition in the assets window without compression, there is noticeable loss of high end information. Comparing the output with the original with an EQ reveals that most audio around 15k+ is diminished, as well as other minor differences. I don’t have any system audio apps, and I tried with a brand new FMOD 2.0.1 project.

Update: I’ve tried several different audio formats and a different computer, and the problem still arises. It’s not because of volume, as it’s still noticeable comparing the original and the FMOD version with the FMOD version clearly louder. I currently have a 3-EQ with the high band at 11.5k at +6 and it sounds comparable, but I don’t think that’s a desirable solution.

Are you able to share one of the files you’re experiencing this with? It is possible that the import resampler is causing this. You are able to adjust the resample interpolation type by using FMOD_DSP_RESAMPLER with the FMOD Studio advanced settings at runtime.


Sure! Here is the original file: first 7.3.wav - Google Drive

And here is a before and after that I recorded. First is the original file, second is the FMOD output:

Note the difference in the high end.

Thanks for sending this file through.

It is as I thought, when you start runtime and set FMOD_DSP_RESAMPLER to “FMOD_DSP_RESAMPLER_SPLINE” method then you will get your audio file to play the same in game as it is outside.

Alternatively you can rebounce the audio file to 48kHz sample rate and you should get the same sound between applications.

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Awesome, thank you!