Quantization Intervals not working

Hi, I’m new to FMOD and still learning. I’ve made a transition region and set the quantization interval to 1 bar. However there are no grid lines that appear the transitions seem to happen instantly. I’ve set a tempo marker for each clip in the project. Ive attached a picture below


Could it be that the grids are exactly on one bar? Try stretching out your event instrument.

Hi, I’ve tried stretching it out but there still seem to be no grid lines

Update: I’ve realised the grid lines show up on some events but not others. With the events in which the grid lines work, the timeline values correspond correctly to the tempo marker (each line goes up by 1 quarter note), whereas the other events have really small valued on the timeline ( ex 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, etc)

Did you stretch dramatically? I tried to do it on my end, it seems to me that your timeline is zoomed in quite a bit, try zooming out and stretch all the way to 4 or 5.

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I see. I’m a total newbie. How do you zoom out? I’ve tried that but it only seems to zoom out on the track and not the timeline

Hey Sharon thank you so much. I feel like a proper goofball. Everything’s good now. I was just zoomed in way to close

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Awesome! glad that I could help:)