question about audio tracks

(Michael) #1

Hi I’ve been an audio engineer and producer now for almost seven years and use Pro Tools. FMOD seems simple. But the most simplest thing I cannot figure out. When I create a session I don’t see anywhere where I can pick my sample rate and bit rate. Next is when I open the session I don’t see anything on buffer size. My interface is detected so thats good. But when I import an audio wav file in the audio bin it won’t show up in the editor window. I can only play the file in audio bin but can’t do any editing. What am I doing wrong? Once I can import a damn track then the rest seems self explanatory.

(Eric Kuehnl) #2

Right-click in the Event Browser and select New Event. An Audio Track and Master Track will appear automatically.

(Joseph Harvey) #3

To add an audio file to an event after importing it, drag the file from the Audio Bin window onto one of the audio tracks of the event you wish to add it to.