Bit depth when importing assets into Fmod Studio


I’m about to import audio into Fmod Studio from Pro Tools. Some of the files where uppsampled and some downsampled in PT so that all now use 48 kHz. But I’m not sure if I should use 16bit or 24bit.

How does bit depth affect Fmod Studio? And does Fmod Studio “re-sample” bit depth like it does with sample rate if the assets sample rate and Fmod Studios does not match?

Kindest Regards, Erik.

The varied bit depth of your source audio files won’t cause any problems for FMOD Studio.

FMOD Studio can import and audition sound files of any common bit depth.

FMOD Studio re-encodes all assets included in a bank as part of the process of building that bank. This means that sample rates, bit depth, and encoding format are not preserved when building banks.

If you want to preserve your audio files in their original format, it is possible to use programmer instruments to play loose audio files as well as assets built into banks. We generally recommend against doing this, however, as it means those files will not benefit from bank encoding.

Ok, thanks for the reply!