Question about commands

Hello. I’m building an engine sound mod, for ETS2. I want to setup an alarm sound. The alarm sound is triggered when you turn off the engine and leave the lights on. I made parameters and stuff for that so it does work when I MANUALLY set the lights parameter to ON and stop the engine.

So my question is: I have stick lights (the name for the light switch). When I turn on lights in the game, it activates the sound of stick lights.

A truck has two times on, and one time off. How do I configure that the parameter from the lights is turned on two times and one time off?

Thank for getting in contact with us.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking. When you say “A truck has two times on, and one time off,” what do you mean?

It sounds like you could achieve this behavior by setting the parameter to different values several times. Is there some reason why you would prefer to achieve it by some other means?

I mean: truck lights have three modes. Little lights, big lights and off.

So in ETS2, if I turn on the lights, the sound of event stick_lights will play. I want to configure that the parameter light_on will be turned to yes two times, and to no one time. Not random, but in the right order from ON, ON, OFF.

I hope you understand me, I’m not very good at English🙊

Ah! I understand now. Thanks for clarifying.

There are a few different ways you could do this:

A) Take the event you have currently, and automate its existing parameter on a new parameter. Adjust the automation curve so that as the parameter value increases, the “On” instrument is triggered twice and the “off” instrument once. Give the new parameter a velocity so that its value continually increases.

B) Create an event with an action sheet. Set the action sheet to “consecutive” mode. Add to the action sheet’s playlist two “on” sounds and one “off” sound. Add silence instruments between them to ensure they are timed correctly.

Do either of those methods work for you?

it worked! thank you!