Question about FMOD's "Notes" section

Hi there!

Forgive me for the 101-level question, as I’m still new to learning FMOD. I’m in version 2.00.00, and in every event I make, I use the “notes” section in the bottom right to leave details for my programmer on how certain parameters work and what they do.

Is there a way for my programmer to pull up this info on his end, without having to open FMOD itself and load the event I made there? So far I’ve been copy/pasting all the notes I make for various events into a Google doc to share with him, but it’d be easier if there’s some direct way he can access these.


The notes are not bundled into built banks, they exist only as a part of the FMOD Studio project.

You could use scripting to export all notes out to a text file (or just print to console and copy from there). For example:

allEvents = studio.project.model.Event.findInstances()

allEvents.forEach(function(event) {
    console.log(event.gatPath() + ":    " + event.note);

Ok, good to know. Thank you!

Having the event notes show up in the Event Browser in Unity would really be a great feature.