Suggestion: Notes for insert effects etc

Hi. When doing lots of automation etc on insert effects (gains, spatializers, eqs etc) it would be godsend to have notes attached to them.

Imagine someone taking over your work and you have to document everything. “This eq is doing HRTF filtering based on player direction.” “This send, sends pre fader, for world reverb” etc.
Would be great to be able to write notes on modules (effects etc). Maybe have a little “i” button each module. When you click that, a text field pops up.

Could you please make a feature like this?

I can definitely see how that could be useful, so I’ll add your idea to our feature/improvement tracker.

In the mean time, I recommend using the notes fields of events and buses for making notes about the contents of that event. It’s not ideal for preset effects, and not as convenient as per-effect notes, but it should be better than having to keep all of your notes externally.