How do I search Assets by Notes?

I’ve added a lot of annotations to my folders via Notes.

I want to search by Notes so I can find the right folders, like tags. It seems like they should be readily queryable as metadata, since they’re in effect a “Description”.

(Renaming folders is not a viable workaround here, as some of the notes are LONG.)

I couldn’t find this in the docs:

How do I find matching results for Notes?

As of the time of writing (October of 2022), FMOD Studio has no built-in way to search for events by the contents of their notes.

You could conceivably create an FMOD Studio script that checks your events’ notes for certain content, but you would need to write a search algorithm to do it.

@joseph May I request this as a useful feature add? It’s common convention elsewhere to be able to search note text. Having a way to do that here would increase the value of the notes feature.

Of course you can! I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker now.