Questions about how to optimize memory with FMOD

Hello, I am a new user to fmod and I am currently working on my first project with it for a small game. As I’ve selected most of the sound samples I’m going to use and started to plan how to implement them this problem about optimization popped in my mind.
For instance, I am using a sample of a dog barking, and I will separate each bark. Would it be best to split each bark individually before applying them on fmod or is it fine to have a single audio file and split it within fmod?
Which also is related to my next questions: If using the single audio file, would the game instantiate the entire root sample or would the build only send to unity the used information? And If I were to split the sample into many clips, and happened to not use all of them, would the unused clips in the soundbank still be loaded into the game?

When an event is loaded and the sample for the instruments is not set to Streaming, it will load that entire sample into memory. In this situation, splitting the samples into individual barks will be preferable. If the sample is set to Streaming then it will load that sample in chunks, however it does introduce a little bit of buffering. Any gains for optimization you make using a single large asset instead of multiple smaller assets will be negligible and it would be better to structure the event in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-maintain manner instead.

Any asset used in an event in any capacity will be bundled into the event’s assigned bank or asset bank. If an asset is not used (eg. in the assets browser it is listed as #unused) then it will not be included.

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