Questions about tempo markers and snapping to bars

Hello there,

I’m working with music tracks and, as was pointed out to me in another thread, adding a tempo marker on the timeline made the timeline switch to bars rather than time. Great!

But I’m running into problems:

  • It seems I can’t edit the signature at a given tempo marker. The default is 4/4 while my piece is in 6/4, so it screws up the bar count, and makes it impractical for me to correctly place musical cues on the timeline.

  • I would like the music to slow down on the last bar of certain parts, in order to make it breathe. In Cubase this is done by drawing a envelope going down on the tempo track. I don’t suppose there’s a way to do that here, and I suppose placing a new, slower tempo marker on each beat of the slowing down bar by hand could help me there, but I find this solution not too elegant.

Anyway, if I missed something or if there are ways I’m unaware of to help me, I’d much appreciate the help. Thank you!


Hi Romain,

We’ll be introducing arbitrary time signatures in 1.3 (soon to be released).

Unfortunately tempo automation is a little way off, though you will be able to use that multiple tempo marker workaround you suggested.

We’re planning to have a bunch of new music features this year so please keep an eye on our releases :slight_smile: