Successive Loops?

With FMOD Designer, we were able to create a simple Event, add a couple of sounds to its playlist, and choose ‘Successive Loop’ as the Playback mode. We could specify the ‘Loop Count’ (usually infinity) and ‘Queued Sounds’ (usually 1). This allowed us to loop the event, randomly choosing one of the sounds when looping (sometimes repeating the same one). Being able to specify the ‘queued sounds’ also meant 0 latency if it switched sounds at the loop point.

I’m not able to reproduce this behavior in Studio. I’ve tried using a Multi Sound, but when I add two sounds to the playlist, they always alternate (never repeat, even though the random checkbox is selected). Also, when it switches between the two sounds, there’s a noticeable glitch (probably because the other one is not queued up)?

Anyway, is there a way to implement the ‘Successive Loop’ behavior in FMOD Studio?


The random playlist selection behaviour in FMOD Studio is roughly equivalent to Designer’s “Random no repeat” sound def play mode, or to the “Random” playlist behaviour of a simple event when the “Allow sounds to be repeated” checkbox is not checked: It causes the items in the playlist to be selected at random, but does not allow any given entry to be selected twice in immediate succession. This means that when there are exactly two entries in the playlist, as in your description, the entries alternate.

At this time, the only way to override the “no repeat” behaviour is to add a second instance of each playlist entry to playlist, so that there are more than two entries in the playlist. Note that this does not increase the size of your project’s banks.

As for the audible glitch you describe, I have been unable to reproduce that here. Could you please send the two audio files you’ve noticed the problem with to, along with the version of FMOD Studio that you’re using?

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You could also try a scatterer sounds module ? set the polyphony to 1 and the interval between sounds to something lowest than your waveform length

Thanks for the advice on using the scatterer! When I configure it with a polyphony of 1 and set up the playlist just like a multi sound (random looping playlist), it fixes the glitch that I get with the multi-sound.

In order to get the randomization that I want, I needed to add duplicate instances of each playlist entry.