Re-creating events inside FMOD Studio from a pre-existing bank

Hi, is it possible to recreate all of the event data inside FMOD studio based on the information contained within a built bank (for UE5 for example) if you do not have access to the original FMOD studio session?

I have access to all of the original .wav audio files and the event data is contained within the banks so I was wondering if it it possible to repopulate a blank FMOD studio session from this data? Even being able to create all of the event logic and/or mixer/snapshot layout (and re-importing the audio data independently) would be very useful.

Thanks in advance

It isn’t possible to create project data from built banks. You can get a list of event names, bus paths, snapshots, parameters etc. using various descriptions, but there’s no way of creating an event from this data. It’s pretty much trying to get the eggs out of a baked cake at this stage.

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Thanks for the reply - I thought as much but just wanted to ask to be sure.