Adding New Events to an Already Built Project

Hi all,

For some context, I’m working on modding (3rd party modifying) a recently released game which handles all of its audio through FMOD. Thankfully, the modding API makes it simple to call events from within the game, but it seems rather difficult to add new sound events.

The issue is that the community is only provided with the built .bank files, so I’m unable to rebuild the entire project including new events. I was hoping that naively making a new project, creating a new bank with a new event, and exporting it into the directory containing the original banks would work, but it unfortunately does not.

I am sure that the game is at least trying to register this new bank, as a previous attempt had thrown an error that the version number of the new bank file was incompatible. After resolving this (just by downgrading to an older version of FMOD), I’m only getting an error (from audio2_fmod.cpp:614) that says “The requested event, parameter, bus or vca could not be found.”

I figure that this is due to encoding differences, but with very little knowledge of FMOD I am unsure. Would there be an easy way to examine the metadata stored in the Master Bank, allowing me to take this experiment further, or is modifying a project in this manner simply impossible in FMOD?

Thank you all for your time and expertise.

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I am having the same issue. Using UE4.27 and my mod plays perfect in game but no custom sounds. Hope we are just missing something simple.


Unfortunately, without the original project, you will not be able to add custom events to the built .bank files. However, if you are able to get into contact with the devs and request they follow the steps outlined in FMOD Studio | Supporting Downloadable and User-generated Content, this will allow them to share the project while having control over which events you can change.

Sorry, I can’t help further.

Ok thank you for the reply. I will def look into that as they seem willing to help the mod community.

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