Reading the volume of FMOD event audio asset from UE4 Blueprint

Hi, I would like to read the volume of a voiceover asset as it’s playing. There’s no obvious way from the docs or looking at the blueprint classes in UE4. I see there’s a BP node, “Get Parameter”, that promises to return a float. Which I assume comes from the method here FMOD - API | ufmodaudiocomponent getparameter

But how do i get the float to return anything? What parameters are available? Looking at the class yielded nothing. The parameter cache was noted in the API docs, so I thought to get the array of key names from the FMOD Audio component object reference(i only saw it in API docs, blueprint docs are missing for FMOD 2.00.06). I printed the length and iterated the array of key names to the UE4 output log.

This returned an output of:


Which tells me there’s nothing there ? ? ?

Ideally, I’d like return the volume. But if I can set a curve in the event within FMOD Studio or read whether the timeline has an asset on it, that would be good enough.

Can anyone help me in my quest?


What version of Unreal and FMOD are you using?

Hi Connor, we’re using UE 4.24.3 and FMOD Studio 2.00.06

This is what my test to the output log looked like btw:

Get array, print length, iterate the keys, print each key, print when done.


Unfortunately, we no longer support FMOD versions older than 2.01 or Unreal versions older than 2.25.

The GetParameter node is for retrieving parameters that have been added to your FMOD Event further explained under FMOD Studio | Parameters. However, you could get the volume of a sound by using a DSP callback, we provide a C++ example of how to do this included in our FMOD Engine download. Getting the volume levels would require you to write some C++ code in unreal.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?

In the 2.02.11 update, we do now include an Event Stopped callback, which will let you know if the event has reached its completion.

Hope this helps!