Converting audio signal to float

Hello, I needed to get the signal value from an event that is playing so that signal can drive some animation changes. I could not get it exposed in UE4, I could get a signal from one audio track of an event to be sent via transceiver to another event and than used it to automate the volume knob of that event, but I couldn`t read it in UE4. Same thing when I tried to read the value from a mixer bus.
Eventually I got it to work by making a new parameter just for this. The value of parameter was modulated by sidechain send from a track that I needed and than I could read the final value of the parameter in UE4 by Fmod Get Parameter Value node. And it works great, the trash hold and seek speed can help tweak it nicely.
Is there a better way to do this?
Thank you

Do you want the raw signal or would something like the peak/rms level be sufficient? If you want to drive an animation using the volume of the sound over time then a good way to achieve this would be to use the instantaneous peak value of the event using DSP::getMeteringInfo. There are some existing discussions on how to access the instantaneous peak value of an Event in this way, I suggest you take a look a this post: Retrieving the Volume after attenuation of an Event in a AudioComponent - #2 by jeff_fmod