Real channel count use increases per scene reload


I have vanilla RuntimeManager in a Unity game. The player has a camera, which spawns from code when the level is loaded - with an Event Listener, most events are triggered by code.

The issue I’m having is that the real channel usage is increasing per level reload (and I assume also between levels) so something is obviously upping this count - and I am experiencing cannibalism when audio is playing and sounds are dropping out.

I am reusing event instances (creating them once on game startup) and using to trigger them. I assume I am not supposed to call release on these events in-game.

I have load banks “All” set in FMOD settings. I don’t know where these banks are referenced, I assume the RuntimeManager singleton. But something happens when I reload my scenes. Is it possible that if I don’t release an event on scene reload that something bad happens?

Worth mentioning is that all my code is persistent, they are not monobehaviors - the scenes themselves are mostly geometry and some scripts. The sound code is not.

Any ideas are most welcome.

To see if it happens only on level reload or between levels I would suggest to use the profiler. Record a session while playing and you will be able to see where the instances increase in number.
First thing I would check is if you are re-creating the instances when restarting the scene. In that case stopping and releasing the instances before loading the scene would solve the issue.

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Thank you! I think I have located the issue, or at least I can clearly see in the profiler that there are more instances of a certain event that is not being released.

The FMOD profiler is absolutely awesome by the way - can’t belive I haven’t used it before.