Record and live Playback to skype


I am new to the audio engineering side of things.
In the “lowlevel/examples/record.cpp” file there is an example of record and playback to the devices. Is it possible to direct the playback to the skype input? Can fmod create a virtual device that skype sees as the input? I hope this makes sense. Any help is much appreciated and if any addition information is needed let me know .

FMOD cannot make a virtual device, you would need some other software for this.

FMOD can access any microphone that the OS can see, and can output to any sound card the OS provides access to. It might be possible to find some software that can create a virtual sound card that FMOD can write to that patches audio to a virtual microphone that Skype can read but I don’t have any recommendations.

Perhaps someone else on the QA here knows more?