Audio record & playback


We’re currently working on a VR application where we’d like to capture the player’s voice via microphone and have it played back in real-time, ideally with reverb and spatialization.

I couldn’t find anything in the manual - I did find older posts on here, which refer to DSP and recording examples that are supposed to ship with the FMOD Studio download. Curiously enough, these aren’t included with the current version.

Is it even possible to do this? What about latency issues?
I’d appreciate any hints or pointers.

Thanks and kind regards,

You can find, in our FMOD Studio API download, a couple of examples that may be particularly relevant are the record_enumeration and programmer sound.

The record_enumeration example shows how you can record and playback using the LowLevel API. You could add effects and spatialization to the FMOD::Sound but if you want to use Studio you can use something like Programmer Sounds. These are created and edited in FMOD Studio and can have the sounds in the event changed at runtime.