Reduce export size

Hi, folks!
I had my project with 5 wav files in Unity.
With Unity’s built-in compression I ended up with 35MB export file size.

I decided to port this project to FMOD, but now my exported file size is 151MB, with the same files.

I selected VORBIS, 24%, 48k, but it looks like it makes no effect at the final build size in Unity.

What am I missing here?

It depends on how you have structured your projects. Could you please provide the following information:

  • Where is your FMOD Studio project located in relation to the Unity project?
  • How many events and banks does your project have?
  • How are you loading the banks in Unity?

Hi, Richard. Thanks for your reply.

My FMOD Studio project is located the following way (where [] is a folder):

[] ThisProject
[] My FMOD Projects

My project has only one Event and one Master Bank.

I"m loading the Events like this:

playerState = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(PlayerStateEvent); 


And the BANKS like this:

I didn’t do anything specific for the bank in the coding. Show I? What am I missing here? :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!

Thanks for the clarification. This is very interesting - nothing seems out of the ordinary and you have everything set up as expected.

Are you able to share these WAV files with us to investigate further?

Sure. How can I share?

You can upload directly to our website (go to your account and click the Uploads tab), if you have a project registered with us.

Otherwise, you can use a file hosting website such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link to these files with me through a direct message.