How does unity compile FMOD audio?

I was wondering how unity complies audio from FMOD for a mobile game. I know that FMOD references the original audio file, so I assume the .wav for an event is imported into unity… But when it’s compiled does it stay a .wav or does unity compress it? Should I be using .mp3 for mobile? Our game is pretty large and I am almost positive it’s all my audio files…

Thanks in advance

Our Unity integration references Banks which are already compressed. To control the default compression settings of the Banks in a project look under the Build tab in the preferences screen of FMOD Studio tool. Compression settings can be overridden for individual sounds or folders in the Audio Bin.

For mobile we recommend FADPCM for sounds effects and Vorbis for longer streaming sounds.

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Thanks for the response and i appreciate the recommendations.
We are building out as FADPCM already. So maybe my question is more for the unity community… Does Unity pack the .wavs into the compiled project… or only the compressed banks from the FMOD build.

If it only packs up the the banks then I should be able to move the .wavs from the resource folder so they do not pack into the game and reduce the size of the compiled project.

You only need the FMOD Banks, Unity doesn’t need to know anything about the original wav files.