Referenced Events volume Ignored


So, It looks like a bug to me but doesn’t seem consistant from a project to another.

Here’s the thing : I have a swish SFX Event (lets call him A) containing a BARK voice event in it. (the referent , lets call him B)
You play the swish A, so the BARK referenced B event plays along. So far, so easy.

Now, If I modify pitch or offset start value of B in A event, it works, the BARK is affected by pitch and/or offset.

BUT if I try to modify the volume of the container B, or even the Volume of the audio track is into OR event MUTE that track… it’s ignored and the BARK still plays whatever I try to do with the container.

Did anyone cross that behavior ?
(Fmod 2.2.17)

When I test here, the volume controls in the parent event seem to affect the playback of a referenced event correctly. I therefore suspect I must be missing some important detail of how your events are structured.

Do any of the tracks in your referenced event contain any sends to buses in the mixer? If so, the signals sent by those sends are not routed through the instruments and tracks of the parent event, and so will be unaffected by adjustments to the volumes of those instruments and tracks.

Hi Joseph, thanks for the insight.

I do send the voicekit (last referenced event) throught a Transceiver (pre-fader) to route in the bus I want.
(I don’t want the Whooosh to go in the same place than the bark)
Redone some tests bypassing it and it behave normally again.
:sweat_smile: I saw the signal flow the other way around…

Ah, so the signal is being routed via the transceiver channel rather than through the event’s parent buses. That would definitely explain the behavior you were seeing.

I’m glad you’ve identified the cause of the issue, and thus some potential solutions.